tirsdag den 25. februar 2014

INTERMENT (swe) & UNDERGANG - "Blodspor gennem Danmark" March 2014

Torsdag d.13 marts
Spillestedet Stengade
Stengade 30, 2200 Kbh N
Fredag d.14 marts
Kattesundet 10, 9000 Aalborg
Lørdag d.15 marts
Monorama - m. Defilementory og Roarback
Tomsagervej 25, 8230 Åbyhøj/Aarhus



søndag den 22. december 2013

Extremely Rotten distro


Abigail - "Welcome All Hell Fuckers" - 20 dkr / 3 euros. (Orgasmatrön)
 - JAP, Mental self proclaimed Street Metal.

Abyss - "The Reins of Horror" -20 dkr / 3 euros. (Dark Descent)
  - CAN, Death Metal with a slight punkish influence.

Acephalix - "Headless Master" - 30 dkr / 4 euros. (deific Mourning)
 - US, Bay Area D-beat driven Death Metal crunchiness. Realesed for their 2011 European tour, now officially distributed by ERR.

Agonia Pre-Mortem"Demo 2010" - 20 dkr/ 3 euros. (Filthy Cave)
 - ESP, Heavy death metal.

Battery - "Mental Pollution" - 20 dkr / 3 euros. (Deadbangers)
 - DEN, Speedy thrashing young bloods.

Black Oath - "The Third Aeon" - 30 dkr / 4 euros. (Horror)
 - ITA, Occult dark doom metal.

Church of Disgust - "Invocation of Putrid Worship"- 30 dkr / 4 euros. (Filthy Cave)
- US, Raw and filthy Death Metal decay.  

Convulse - "Inner Evil" - 30 dkr / 4 euros. (self released)
 - FIN, Classic Finnish Death Metal. Their strong return to the scene. Two new songs and two re-recorded old tunes.

Deathevoker - "Eternally Rot" - 20 dkr / 3 euros. (Apocalypse Venomous)
 - MAL, Putrid Death Metal.

Deathevoker - "Towards Nothingness" - 20 dkr / 3 euros. (nexro)
 - MAL, Death Metal. Second demo.

Deathhammer - "Forever Ripping Fast" - 30 dkr / 4 euros. (Hell's Headbangers)
 - NOR, Forever Ripping Thrash Metal. Compilation of their 3 demos.

Deathhammer - "Onward to the Pits"- 30 dkr / 4 euros. (Hell's Headbangers)
 - NOR, Venom blackened Thrash Metal onslaught. Their latest album on MC.

Deiquisitor - Demo 2013 - 30 dkr / 4 euros. (Ancient Darkness) (new)
- DEN, grinding and suffocating Death Metal brutality.

Demonic Oath - "The Crypt of Mourning summoning" - 20 dkr / 3 euros. (Impious Desecration)
 - FRA, Dark Death Metal.

Denial of God - "Death and the Beyond" - 20 dkr / 3 euros. (Hell's Headbangers)
 - DEN, MC version of the newest full length by these horror obsessed Black Metal worshippers.

Diabolical Messiah - Diabolical Attack - 30 dkr / 4 euros. (Unholy Domain)
 - CH,  Fast, aggressive, Death Metal.

Exorcised / Morbidity - "Impious Conjuration"- 20 dkr / 3 euros. (Unholy Domain)
 SR/BD, Death Metal split. One demo track and one new song offered from each band.

Forced Kill - "Armed to the Death" - 20 dkr / 3 euros. (Deadbangers)
 - FIN, Furious speed metal from Finland. Collection of both demos.

Ghoulgotha - "No Peace to Rest In" - 30 dkr / 4 euros. (Unholy Domain)
 - US, Doom Death Metal.

Hic Lacet - "Hedonist of Death" - 20 dkr / 3 euros. (Fiery Path)
- ESP, Blackened Death Metal.

Infernal Conjuration - "Tremendous Plague" - 20 dkr / 3 euros. (Grüft productios)
 -  MEX, Death Metal.

Imtemperator - "Howls of the Intemperate" - 20 dkr / 3 euros. (Me Saco Un Ojo)
 - ESP, Haunting Blackened Death Metal.

Kill-Town Death Fest 2012 compilation - "V/A" - 60 dkr / 8 euros. (KTDF)
- A compilation featuring one song from each performing artist at the 3rd edition of the festival in 2012. More than two hours of Death Metal spread on two cassette tapes wrapped up in a printed cardboard box. Including songs by Sadistic Intent, Master, Necros Christos, Verminous, Interment, Church Bizarre, Hooded Menace, Maveth, Necrocurse and many more!

Kill-Town Death Fest 2013 compilation - V/A - 60 dkr / 8 euros. (KTDF)
- The compilation from the KTDF 2013 presenting one song from each band performing (except Tribulation) including Convulse, Rottrevore, Death Strike, Exhumed, Pentacle, Drowned, Blaspherian, Anhedonist and many more!
double cassette release, packed in a printed cardboard box incl. A4 inlay info paper.

Lawless - "Nite of the Wolf" - 30 dkr / 4 euros. (Blood Divine)
- US, debut demo from this San Francisco based Death Metal act. Ex-Acephalix.

Living Decay - "Filled with Rot/Doomed to Last"- 30 dkr / 4 euros. (Dark Descent)
- US, Demo and EP collection of the great young Death Metal act. Much in the vein of early Death and Autopsy.

Machetazo "The Maggot Sessions II" - 20 dkr / 3 euros. (Filthy Cave)
- ESP, Grinding death metal.

Malicious - Mental Illness - 20 dkr / 3 euros. (Me Saco Un Ojo)
- FIN, Dark and up-tempo Death Metal.
Necrot - Demo #1 - 20 dkr / 3 euros. (Extremely Rotten) (last copies!)
- US, Harsh and crude thrashing Death Metal. European pressing of their 2012 debut demo.

Necrovorous - Promo 2013 - 30 dkr / 4 euros (Nuclear Winter)
GRE, Death Metal.

Reactory - Killed by Thrash - 20 dkr / 3 euros. (Weed Hunter)
- GER, Another dose of deadly German thrash. MC EP version.

Reincarnage - St. demo - 30 dkr / 4 euros. (Death Invocation) 
- SWE, Re-release of their first recordings, originally only available from the band in 30 tapes, and with the addition of one song of the DIR death metal-mixtape.

Reliquary - Nothingness Victory - 20 dkr / 3 euros. (Dark Descent)
- CAN, Melancholic funeral doom.

Scavenger Brats - Electric Death - 20 dkr / 3 euros (Self Released)
- DEN, Thrashing Speed Metal onslaught.

Skelethal - Morbid Ovation - 30 dkr / 4 euros (Disharmonic)
- FRA, Old styled Death Metal decay.

Strange Facts in the Scalpel Case - DEAD but not Beyond Reach - 30 dkr / 4 euros. (Deadbangers)
- BEL, Death Metal. Demo and EP compilation + two live bonus tracks.

The Vein - Born into grey Domains - 20 dkr / 3 euros. (Deadbangers)
- DEN, Crawling, atmospheric Doom Death Metal.

Trenchrot - dragged down to hell - 25 dkr / 3 euros. (Nihilistic Holocaust
- US, Death Metal.

Voids of Vomit - Rehearsal Vomit 2006 - 20 dkr / 3 euros. (Unholy Domain)
- ITA, Crude sounding rehearsal recording form this brilliant Italian Death act.

Würm's Tongue - Fungi from Yuggoth - 30 dkr / 4 euros. (Silver Key) (new)
- DEN, Insane and thrashing Death Metal.


Agonized - Gods... - 35 dkr / 5 euros. (Emptiness)
- FIN, Death Metal heaviness. Re-release of their '91 demo.

/ Burial Invocation - Decomposing Serenades - split - 40 dkr / 5 euros. (Dark Descent)
- JAP/TUR, new tracks from each excellent Death Metal horde.

 Anatomia / Necrovorous - split - 40 dkr / 5,5 euros. (Doomentia) (new)
- JAP/GR, Doom Death Metal putrefaction vs. Death Metal nastiness.

Anger Burning / Discover Split – 25 dkr / 3.5 euros. (D-takt & Råpunk)
- SWE, Two times d-beat crust.

Another Oppressive System / Human Waste
Split – 25 dkr / 3.5 euros. (Profane Existence)
-US/SWE,  Hardcore/käng.

Another Oppressive System / Crossing Chaossplit – 25 dkr / 3.5 euros. (Cries Of Pain)
- US/SWE,  Hardcore.

Bait - Every Lie I ever Lived... - 30 dkr/ 4 euros. (Self-released)
-UK, Hardcore metal punk, members of Deviated Instinct.

Besthöven / Warvictims
Split – 25 dkr / 3,5 euros. (D-takt & Råpunk)
- BRA/SWE, D-beat mongering.

 Corpsessed - "St." - 35 dkr / 5 euros. (Dark Descent)
- FIN, Two insanely heavy Death Metal offerings of Finnish darkness.

Deathortion - War and Starvation – 25 dkr / 3.5 euros. (D-takt & Råpunk)
- SWE, Total distortion noise punk. Includes a sticker.

Depressor / Agathocles - Split – 25 dkr / 3,5 euros. (Dental)
- US/BEL, Industrial metal punk meets mincecore.

Devourment - "Shallow Grave" - 35 dkr / 5 euros. (Detest / Me Saco Un Ojo)
- SWE, The demo recording old this old defunct ex-Carnage band. 

Disma / Convulse - "Days of Death"split - 40 dkr / 6 euros. (Doomentia) (new)
- US/FIN, two times Scandinavian styled Death Metal perfection.

Entrapment - Crawling Morbidity - 35 dkr / 4 euros. (Detest)
- NDL, Swedish sounding Death Metal.

Fondle Corpse - Chronicles Of Pain - 25 dkr /3,5 euros. (Escavarelho)
- NDL, Death Metal, their unreleased demo on EP.

Funeral whore / Profanal - two morbid ways to die - 35 dkr / 5 euros. (Blasphemous Art/Unholy Domain)
- NDL/ ITA, Old styled Death Metal.

Kontempt - St. – 25 dkr / 3.5 euros. (The Total End)
- CAN, Hardcore.

Necrowretch - Now you're in Hell - 40 dkr / 5 euros. (Detest)
- FRA, Putrid Death Metal. One new song and a DEATH cover.
Pentacle / Eternal Solstice - "split" -  35 dkr / 5 euros. (Dark Descent) (new)
- NDL, Two new songs from each of these classic Dutch Death Metal veterans.

P. J. BonnemanJeg kendte dem ikke – 25 dkr / 3.5 euros. (Spild Af Vinyl)
- DEN,  Melodic lo-fi punk rock.

Pugnator - Iron Messenger - 25 dkr / 3.5 euros. (Deadbangers productions)
- DEN, Death / Black metal.

Pustulation - Under the Shadow of Death - 30 dkr / 4 euros. (Iron Bonehead)
- DEN, Blackened Death Metal curse.

Senobyte - St. - 40 dkr / 5 euros (Me Saco Un Ojo) (new)
- US, Extremely heavy horror-themed Doom / Death from New Jersey.

Shikabane - Age and Desire – 25 dkr / 3.5 euros. (Agipunk)
- JAP,  Japanese hardcore.

Spine Wrench - Tapping the Vein/Barbed – 25 dkr / 3.5 euros. (Grindcrust)
- UK, Industrial metal punk.

Swarming / Zombie Ritual - Split - 40 dkr / 5 euros. (Doomentia)
- FIN/JAP, Down-tuned Death Metal sickness vs. Japans zombie loving Death Metal militia.

Zom - St. - 40 dkr / 5 euros. (Iron Bonehead)
- IRE, Blackened Death Metal.

Uncanny - The Path Of Flesh - 40 dkr / 5 euros. (Dark Descent)
- SWE, Death Metal. First new tracks are they re-formed.

Warvictims - "Bellum se Upsum Alet" - 25 dkr / 3 euros. (D-takt & Råpunk)
- SWE, D-Beat Raw punk mangel.


Disgusting Lies - Don't ask, just listen! – 40 dkr / 5 euros. (Agipunk / Angry)
- POL, Crustcore.


Alchemyst - Nekromantheion - 100 dkr / 13 euros (Iron Bonehead)
-DE, Dark Blackened Death Metal.

Anatomia - Decaying in Obscurity DLP - 130 dkr / 17 euros (NWN! Productions)
- JAP, Abyssic Doom Death Metal decomposition.

Anima Morte - Face the sea of Darkness - 110 dkr / 14 euros (Horror)
- SWE, Instrumental proggy rock. Think Goblin.

Anima Morte - The Nightmare Becomes Reality - 110 dkr / 14 euros (Horror)
- SWE, The soundtrack for countless horror movies never made.

Antediluvian - Watcher's Reign - 150 dkr / 20 euros. (Iron Bonehead)
- CAN, Crude, suffocating death Metal ritual. Compilation of demos and unreleased rehearsal recording. DLP.

Ascended - Temple of Dark Offerings - 90 dkr / 12 euros. (Iron Bonehead)
- FIN, Doom Death Metal. The bands last offering before they broke up.

Avenger - Minster of madness/The black zone  - 75 dkr/ 10 euros. (Doomentia)
-CZE, Czech death/Thrash metal.

Badr Vogu / Wilt - "split" - 75 dkr / 10 euros (Hermit
- USA, Oakland Blues Crust meets Grinding Death.

Bone Sickness - Alone in the Grave - 100 dkr / 13 euros. (20 Buck Spin) (new)
- USA,  Ripping, horrifying and catchy grinding Death Metal nastiness.

Dead Instrument - Violent Death - 75 dkr / 10 euros. (Raw Birth)
- DEN, superb and unique Grindcore from Copenhagen. Their second album.

Dirty Power Game - Figli della vostra catasrofe – 75 dkr/ 10 euros. (Agipunk)
- ITA, Crustcore.

Dirty power Game - Oligarchia parasita – 75 dkr/ 10 euros. (Agipunk)
-ITA, Crustcore.

Drown in Blood - "St." - 75 dkr / 10 euros. (IFMH)
- GER, Death Metal punk.

Druid Lord - Hymns for the Wicked DLP - 110 dkr / 15 euros. (Witches Tone)
- US, Horror fueled Doom Death Metal.

Engulfed - Through the Eternal Damnation - 80 dkr / 11 euros. (Me Saco Un Ojo)
- TUR, Dark brutal Death Metal incantations.

Forca Macabre - Aqui é o inferno – 75 dkr/ 10 euros. (Agipunk)
 - FIN, Finnish hardcore.

FuneralForgotten Abominations – 80 dkr/10,5 euros. (Nuclear Winter)
- SWE, Doom-ridden death metal.

Genocide Shrines - Devanation Monumentemples MLP - 85 dkr /11 euros (Iron Bonehead)
- CL, Death Metal furiosity.

Gorephilia - Embodiment of Death - 90 dkr / 12 euros. (Me Saco Un Ojo)
- FIN, Dark and suffocating Death Metal with a nod to the old US scene.

Gurkha / Malignant Tumour Split – 75 dkr/10 euros. (Agipunk)
- ITA/CZE, Hardcore crust.

Iniquity - Entering Deception / Promo '93 - 90 dkr / 12 euros. (Serpent Pulse)
- DEN, Brutal early 90's Death Metal. Compilation of their demo and promo tape.

Lethal - Annihilation agenda – 75 dkr/ 10 euros.  (Blood Harvest)
- SWE, Swedish Thrash metal.

Machetazo - Tronos De Huesos - 110 dkr / 15 euros. (Doomentia)
- ESP, 10th anniversary re-issue incl. bonus tracks. Gatefold cover.

Machetazo - Ruin - 100 dkr / 13 euros. (Doomentia)
- ESP, the brand new album from the Spanish masters of horror thrilled Death Grind.

Morbus Chron - Sleepers in the Rift - 90 dkr / 12 euros. (Me Saco Un Ojo)
- SWE, Re-pressing of this excellent debut album. Horrific Swedish Death Metal.

NecrophileMementos In The Misting woods - 90 dkr/12 euros. (Me Saco Un Ojo)
- JAP,  Death metal from the early days. Discography.

Necrovation - Ovations to Putrefaction - 90 dkr / 12 euros. (Serpent Pulse)
- SWE, Raw Swedish Death Metal. Their 2004 demo on vinyl.

Ogdru Jahad -  I - 100 dkr / 14 euros. (Iron Bonehead)
- DEN, Bestial Black Metal of Death.

Portal / Rites of Degringolade - Split - 100 dkr / 14 euros. (Ancient Darkness)
- AUS/CAN, Bizarre experimental Death Metal insanity.

Ruin - Ghost of the past – 75 dkr/ 10 euros. (Agipunk)
- U.K., crust.

Ruin / T.R.I.B.E.
Split – 75 dkr/ 10 euros. (Agipunk)
- U.K., 90’s crust vs. metallic crust.

Scatha - After the dust settles 2xLP – 100 dkr / 13.5 euros. (Agipunk)
 - SCO, Scotish crust, discography.

Sepulcral - Anthropophagy of Doom - 75 dkr / 10 euros. (Terror From Hell / Unholy Domian)
- ITA, Horrifying Doom Death Metal.

Skincrawler - lair of the foul – 60 dkr/ 8 euros. (Weed Hunter)
- USA, Filthy death metal.

Sonne Adam - Transformation - 80 dkr / 11 euros. (Imperium/Century Media)
- ISR, Dark, heavy Death Metal. Re-pressing as picture disc with proper cover.

Uncurbed - Back from the ditch – 75 dkr/ 10 euro. (Agipunk)
- SWE,  Swedish metal crust.

Usipian - Dead corner of the Eye - 75 dkr / 10 euros. (Serpent Pulse)
- DEN, Copenhagen Death Metal. Their 2005 full length on vinyl.

Vasaeleth - All Uproarious Darkness - 120 / 16 euros. (20 Buck Spin) (new)
- USA, Extremely dark and devastating Death Metal brutality.

Vastum - Patricidal Lust - 120 dkr / 16 euros. (20 Buck Spin) (new)
- USA, Heavy Death Metal.

- No place to hide - 75 dkr/ 10 euros. (Doomentia)
- CZE, Czech thrash metal.

Warfear - Dead, unburied, forgotten – 75 dkr/ 10 euros. (Agipunk)
- U.K., crust from the 90’s.


Anatomia - "dead bodies ind the morgue" - 75 dkr / 10 euro (momento mori) (new)
- JAP, A compilation of split and previously unreleased rehearsal material.


Bells of Acheron #1 - 30 dkr / 4 euros. (English)
- Second issue of this newer Columbian zine. The interviews feature Haemorrhage, Eternal Solstice, Pseudogod, Deus Otiosus, Master of Cruelty, Noise and Shit Zine, Diocletian, Jorgen Sandström (Grave, Torture Division, Krux), Swallowed, Diabolical Messiah, Hooded Menace, Capilla Ardente, Ed Warby (Gorefest, The 11th Hour, Hail of Bullets), Force of Darkness, Wojtek Lisicki (Jaggernaut, Luciferon), Pete Slate (Druid Lord, Equinox), Amon, Excoriate, Nuclear Hammer, Rick and Bay Cortez(Sadistic Intent, Dark Realm Records), Dominus Praelii and Matthew Skarajew(Dusk, Disembowelment) + reviews.
65 A5 pages with black and white lay out.

Death Wound Horror Zine - Halloween issue 2012 - 10 dkr / 1,5 euro. (English)

 - Halloween issue talking about horror movies and music suitable for hallows eve.

From Beyond #3 – 25 dkr/ 3 euro. (German)
- Third issue of this German written zine. Great and alternative lay out! Includes interviews with Purgatory, Pentacle, Graveyard Dirt, Moder, Altar of Oblivion and Shadow of the Torturer.

Fukitor #6 - 50 dkr / 6,5 euros. (English)
- A self-published comic book full of boobs, blood and bad words. full color printed and highly recommended.
Features: Intergalactic sleaze and anal-ripping terror in "Buttraping Batapes on Pluto"! Then waaayy over the top crime action and gun blasting mayhem in "DICK: Vice Squad"!

Fukitor #7- 50 dkr / 6,5 euros. (English)
- A self-published comic book full of boobs, blood and bad words. full color printed and highly recommended.
Features: Sleaze, bloodsoaked action, and fast-paced nonsense in "Doctor Werewolf vs. The Zombie Sadists" plus, all out bombastic gore-infested manic WWII debauchery in "Nazi Death Pit"!

Fukitor #8 - 50 dkr / 6,5 euros. (English)
- A self-published comic book full of boobs, blood and bad words. full color printed and highly recommended.
Features: Ultra-violent cops & robbers action in "S.W.A.T"! Then, the Phantom Skullfaced Avenger must save beautiful women from demon-possessed asshole druids in "Demon Dicks"! And to wrap it up, a juicy little homage to Spanish Horror in "The Black Pit of the Blind Dead"!

Fukitor #9 - 50 dkr / 6,5 euros. (English)
- A self-published comic book full of boobs, blood and bad words. full color printed and highly recommended.
Features: Insane, ultra-violent mayhem is bestowed upon the planet Earth in "Attack of the Fucking Martians"! Then all-out alcohol and drug-fueled biker chaos ensues in "The Fucking Scumbags"! Plus, the return of The Special Forces Attack Squad, kicking terrorist ass as usual, this time WITH NINJAS!!

Necromaniac #10 - 60 dkr / 8 euros. (English)

- The ultimate 10th issue anniversary of the Necromaniac is here! Bigger and longer than ever before and filled with dripping illustrations from the Necromaniac himself. This issue features interviews with Unaussprechlichen Kulten, Dead Congregation, Vastum, Funebrarum, Morbus Chron, Undergang, Me Saco Un Ojo records, Vorum, diSEMBOWELMENT, Mitochondrian, Incantation, Order From Chaos, Embalmed Souls, Execration, Coffin Texts, Ritual Necromancy and many, many more.

136 A4 pages long and as always follows a CD-R sampler.

Perverted Gospel - 10 year anniversary issue - 30 dkr / 4 euros. (English)
- 48 A4 pages long, the newest issue of P.G. celebrates 10 years of existence. Includes interviews with Root, Loss, Impetigo, Funebrarum, Denial of God, Morbus Chron, Undergang/KTDF, beer reviews and much more.

Sick In The Head #1 - 30 dkr / 4 euros. (Danish)
- 43 A5 pages, pro printed. First issue of this new Danish written zine, dwelling in the world of Horror, Trash and exploitation movies. Interviews with Jesper Mørch and Miz Pol (that one in English) and stuff with reviews, mainly of older movies, and lots of other stuff.

Tornado #8 - 30 dkr / 4 euros. (Danish)
- The latest issue of this entertaining English written Danish zine. This issue includes interviews with Autopsy, Griftegård, Hour of 13, Hobbs Angel of Death, Kathaaria, Evil Spirit, Undergang and more + music and horror movie reviews.

And the following shirt are also distributed by ERR. All shirts are 10 euros excl. postage.
Get in touch for available sizes, only a few left of some.





For ordering; get in touch through - extremelyrotten (a) hotmail.com

mandag den 23. september 2013

ANATOMIA // UNDERGANG - "Putrefying Europe" october 2013

Hello gore-cravers!

This ROTtober will see the return of Japanese heavy weights ANATOMIA to mainland Europe and alongside Kill-Town Death Militia UNDERGANG they spread plague across Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Denmark.
Also, in addition to above-mentioned; on the last two shows on the tour, the process of decomposition will be joined by Finnish Death mongers GOREPHILIA!

If in doubt about where the tour will stike, just follow the trail of flies or check out the tour dates underneath:

October 11, 2013 - Hamburg (Bilstedt), Bambi Galore (GER)
October 12, 2013 - Eindhoven, Bloodshed Fest, Dynamo (NL)
October 13, 2013 - Brussels, Bunker (BEL)
October 14, 2013 - Bologna, Freak Out Club (I)
October 15, 2013 - Milan, Blue Rose Saloon (I)
October 16, 2013 - Kassel, H. Schmiede (Wolfhager Strasse 109) (GER)
October 17, 2013 - Aalborg, 1000Fryd (DEN) + GOREPHILIA
October 18, 2013 - Kill-Town, KB18 (DEN) + GOREPHILIA

More info :




Killtown Tour Bookings:

onsdag den 31. juli 2013


So the time has come to reveal the first part of the KTDF 2013 line-up and launch the pre-sale.

This years festival will take place in Copenhagen from 29th of August to September 1st. Again with a warm-up show at Loppen, Christiania, (www.loppen.dk) on Thursday the 29th of August, followed by 2 days of Death Metal brutality in the main venue, Ungdomshuset, and then closed with a day with Doom Death Metal and Funeral Doom, the day we've chosen to call "Gloomy Sunday".


ROTTREVORE (us) – First European show ever!

DEATHSTRIKE (us/cz) - Special "fuckin' Death" and first Master album material only!



BLASPHERIAN (us) – First European show ever!





















OPHIS (de)


You can get your ticket here:

for more info :


contact - killtowninfo@gmail.com

Support the Death Metal underground!

mandag den 13. maj 2013

Mold demo sold out!

Hello, all you lovers of the loathsome!

A little bit of news here from the crypts under Kill-Town; The Mold demo is now officially sold out from Extremely Rotten records. It's currently still available at several of our fellow Death Dealers (find list at the bottom of this meassage), so if you missed out there's your chance.

Well, actually I'm slightly lying about the truth of the tapes being all gone. I couldn't help myself, as it's one of the few things in life I simply love to much to not take advantage of occasionally. So listen up, kiddies, the last 15 copies of the Mold demo will be available at their next pestilential live eruption along with Israelian Death mongers, Sonne Adam, here in Copenhagen on Wednesday the 22nd of May. After that, if there's any left overs, get in touch with the maggot infested remains of the band through - moldycorpse(a)gmail.com .

Flyer will be uploaded here soon, as the show is changing venue right now.

Right now our lair in the Kill-Town crypts are oozing with (almost) fresh air, as the Wormridden, Undergang and Mold releases are all gone, letting the flies finally fly freely around their decomposing hides. We can still offer copies of, both regular single purchase and wholesale, the terrifying debut demo from Oaklands Necrot! So get in touch now, if you still haven't allowed their brand of disease into your ears. Supplies will not last long!

And then for something new; Right now we here at the Extremely Rotten headquarters are preparing the next round of filthy, fly-ridden, obnoxious, revolting and nauseating releases for your guitly pleasures!
We're aiming at having as many of them out in time for Kill-Town Death Fest 2013 (Agust 29th-September 1st), so keep your gouged for more info on that soon! For now, here's a list of the upcoming decompostion :

ERR0?? - Wormridden "Festering Glorification" demo #2 MC (7" through Me Saco Un Ojo)
ERR0?? - Necrot "Into the Labyrinth" demo #2 MC (European pressing)
ERR0?? - Disma "Towards the Megalith" album MC (LP by Doomentia)
ERR0?? - Swarming "Discography" compilation MC
ERR0?? - Mortuous "Demo 2012" demo MC (European co-release with Unholy Domain)
ERR0?? - Mold "TBA demo #2" demo MC
ERR0?? - Bone Sickness "Alone in the Grave" album MC (LP by 20 Buck Spin - out now)

Our distributers :

Hell's Headbangers (USA)
Dark Descent (USA)
Me Saco Un Ojo (UK)
Deadbangers (Denmark)
Serpent Pulse (Denmark)
Iron Bonehead (Germany)
Nihilistic Holocaust (France)
Unholy Domain (Italy)

Festering away,

- The Dead.

fredag den 12. april 2013

European distribution of SCOLEX "Torn from Beyond" MLP

Greetings maggots,

Recently your extremely rotten death dealer had the pleasure of decomposing across the West Coast alongside Californian Death merchants SCOLEX, and after nearly being killed every night for a week, I decided that this horrific platter of splatter needed to be further spread to the worm-infested ears of all you European Death-cravers, without having to deal with the horrifying postage-rape of ordering your daily brain-melting needs from overseas.

Therefor, Extremely Rotten is dissolving to offer you the chance of getting this depraved piece of wax for 17 euros postpaid within Europe.

Check out samples from the MLP here:

And for the US fiends reading this, fear not! The band themselves can offer you a terrifyingly good deal on the LP by writing them at this address - scolexdeathmetal(a)gmail.com

Both the band and ERR also offers you the chance to get a Scolex T-shirt (sizes S-XL) with this design:

So get in touch now while the supplies last!

- The Dead.

mandag den 25. marts 2013

MOLD "Cremated Alive" debut demo is now out!

After months of delay, Extremely Rotten is decomposing with joy to present to you the 4 track debut demo of the Kill-Town Death Militia, MOLD!

The "Cremated Alive" demo features the two songs, Terrifying Visions and Heinous Deformities previously released on 200 copies of promo tapes, and two unreleased songs, Cremated Alive and Corporal Mortification, and is now available on glorious black and white cassette tapes through your Extremely Rotten death dealers and the band.
Approx. 15 minutes of down-tuned Death Metal heaviness that'll boil your brains to mush and make your eyes gouged.

Black and white lay out on pro-printed and pro-dubbed cassette tape.
White printing on smoky grey tapes.
First pressing of 300 copies.

Get in touch now for single purchase, wholesale, promotional copies and trades - extremelyrotten@hotmail.com

The band also has copies and shirts in stock - moldycorpse@gmail.com

Festering drippings,

- The Extremely Rotten.